"Feeling Good" Koivumäki Manor, November

November treatment in a Lapp hut: Would you like to step into the dusky warmth of a Lapp hut wearing soft lambskin and experience a marvellous relaxation experience? Bene Statera! ® – Balance of Mind and Body – is a pampering and muscle-relaxing body treatment that also restores the balance of an overworked and stressed nervous system. After an hour of caring massage, you can enjoy a summer drink and then have a tasty meal prepared in the manor's kitchen. The individual treatment is suitable for women and men of all ages.

Duration:The treatment takes 1 h, with preparations and finishing off 1½ hours. Meal 1-1½ hours.

Location:Koivumäki Manor. Clients should make their own way to the manor.

Group size:Max 10 people. Also for individual clients.

Availability:Thursday 26 November and Friday 27 November 2020. Treatment start times 10am, 11.30am and 1pm on both days. Please arrive 15 minutes beforehand.

Guide languages:Finnish, English

Price:€130/person incl. VAT. After payment, instructions on preparing for the treatment will be sent by email.

What the product comprises:Enjoyable treatment, with the client in light clothing, the required high-quality organic therapeutic products, a drink and meal.

For an extra charge:A therapeutic product for personal home use.

Where you can book:www.benestatera.fi. For more information:mira.tikkanen@benestatera.fi