Every year since 1792 has been full of life and laughter at Koivumäki farm. Locals and guests alike have enjoyed the Finnish nature and culture, building a unique place combining fresh food, an atmosphere of celebration, and a historic landmark.

When Gustaf Ranin bought the farm in 1869, the manor was known as a mansion for business meetings and celebrations. During manor feasts, guests danced, tables were full of food and local legends played the gramophone while the midsummer night sun shone.

That sparkling glamor still shines, glinting off of Auntie Aili’s vintage piano standing regally in the corner of the main building’s grand hall built in 1907. From time to time, after relaxing dinner, when freedom fills the mind, one of our guests will play a song or two… just because the heart felt like it.

We cherish that sound, those feelings, and life’s memories at Koivumäki. Add your experiences to the history of Koivumäki – every time you step through the door, taste a bite of local cuisine, and laugh with your loved ones.

Surround yourself with the peaceful Savo countryside while your enjoy a long lunch, a cup of our best coffee, and celebrating life’s important moments.


Guided bus tours and walking tours available on demand

When you plan a visit to Kuopio and want to get more out of your sojourn, contact Kuopio Tourist Guides, to book one of our guides for your group’s bus tour or a walking tour. Please use the “Contact us” form on this website or send an e-mail to guideskuopio@gmail.com. Our guides are authorised by the Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations.

If you have wishes regarding the tour route and places of interest to visit, we ask you to express any such wishes to us, or alternatively we will recommend you a route based on the time available. For example, a two-hour bus tour can include central Kuopio and the beautiful area of Saaristokaupunki (“archipelago city”) district and on top of that a visit in Koivumäki Manor.

More information of Kuopio Guides.

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